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West Virginia Probate Lawyers

Assisting Executors in West Virginia and Beyond

People who are named as executors of estates are often unfamiliar with the duties of the position. Simply stated, an executor carries out the provisions of a will and undertakes all tasks associated with estate administration. At the Beckley, West Virginia, law firm of File Payne Scherer & File, our lawyers advise and represent executors. While many executors are individuals, an executor can also be the trust department of a bank or a law firm.

For information about legal representation when serving as an executor, contact our firm. Call us toll free at 877-248-027.

Duties of an Executor

Executors, whether individuals or institutions, perform tasks such as the following:

  • Submit the will to the probate court
  • Collect the decedent's assets
  • Pay the decedent's and estate's bills and debts, including funeral expenses
  • Pay taxes, including estate taxes and outstanding income or property taxes
  • Manage the assets of the estate
  • Pay any invoices associated with administering the estate, such as bills from appraisers, accountants and brokers
  • Distribute the estate's assets according to the will

Our attorneys can assist with activities such as these. We can answer questions regarding the will, the procedures required to comply with its provisions or matters related to the personal liability of an executor. We can obtain court orders to open safe deposit boxes. In cases in which an attorney from our firm prepared the will, we may have detailed knowledge of the affairs of the decedent. This allows us to answer very specific questions about an estate. If there is a will contest from someone who believes he or she should have been a beneficiary, we can help.

Representing Out-of-State Executors

We perform all tasks associated with administering an estate. We have represented executors of local estates who live elsewhere, making it possible for them to fulfill some or all of their obligations without traveling to West Virginia.

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For more information about probate, contact File Payne Scherer & File. Call us toll free at 877-248-0278.

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